Ecosystem Learning Culture

What is healthy learning culture, and how do organizations go about creating them?

Resources and influence

Healthy learning culture, particularly when it comes to partner ecosystems requires executive buy-in, and cross functional collaboration. Sales leaders know that their teams are desperate for re-skilling. What has worked in the past will not work moving forward.

Healthy ecosystem learning culture is built by defining the following elements of a learning system:

Shared Vision
Shared Assumptions
Shared Stories
Shared Experiences

Ecosystem Chiefs and the rest of the leadership team must articulate where your organization is, where it's going, and the actions and systems that got the organization to its current state, and what needs to change in order to get to the new bliss.

Healthy learning cultures inspires agility and innovation.

Healthy learning cultures put customer and employee first and are able to do more with less.

When you combine these benefits with the shorter sales cycles, bigger deal sizes, and higher close rates that already accompany successful ecosystems, and you’ve got a recipe for massive business gains.

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