About us

How We Started

In the early aughts, sales tech had a moment. A decade really. Then in the teens Martech had its decade. But the gap between sales and marketing, despite everybody's best efforts, is a gap that cannot be completely eliminated. At the end of the teens it was predicted that the 20s would be the decade of the Ecosystem. What was thought to be a slow roll between 2020 and 2030 was massively accelerated because of the way that B2B organizations have changed their buying habits due to the digitization effects of the COVID pandemic.

Partner professionals have been working hard over the last 30 years to bring ecosystems into this moment and Fluincy was born out of this effort.

Our team has been working toward next generation sales enablement for the better part of the last decade in one of the largest tech ecosystems in the world. We are passionate about practical learning theory and believe that learning technology, particularly when it comes to partner enablement has missed the mark on the application of learning theory. Until now...

Where We're Going

Skyrocket Partner Revenue

Deals with partners attached are 200% larger and close 40% faster than deals without. Fluincy helps sales teams to know which partner to match with which customer just in time for customer engagement

Revolutionizing Sales Enablement

Adults learn best when learning is applicable to their every day work. Fluincy is using adult learning theory and technology to incorporate learning into a sales flow and reduce the friction of partnership solutions

Building Trust

We believe wholeheartedly that the DNA of ecosystems is a "How Can I Help" mindset. You will always find us seeking to serve, to earn your trust, and to create a win/win/win for our partners and customers.