Some frequently asked questions

We don't have all the answers, but we'll do our best to answer some of these most common ones. We love to learn, so if there isn't an answer here that helps you out, get in contact with us so we can work through it together.

Can my partners see who I'm talking to?

No. All call data and messages are self contained. The only person who sees the partner matches for the calls conducted is the person who conducted the call. Fluincy admins can be alerted when messages are sent through the system. They can see who received the message, what keyword triggered the message, and whether or not the person who received the message engaged with the CTA. They cannot see the title of the call or any of the rest of the context.

Does Fluincy have a listener?

No. Fluincy does not have a listening software and does not do any of it's own transcription. We integrate with your already existing listening/transcription software. We currently have integrations with Zoom and Google Meet that both have built in transcription functions at no additional cost, and Gong which transcribes and analyzes as a separate expense.

Can I add partners that aren't already in the database?

Absolutely! The database we have already curated is customizable by each customer. Feel free to add any new partners or any specific referral links.

Can I use Fluincy internally for my Sales and CS teams and externally with my partners?

Yes. Fluincy works both ways. To bring awareness to your sales teams about your ecosystem solutions and to bring awareness to your partner's teams when you're a good fit for their customers.

Still have questions?

No worries. We'd love to try and answer them for you.