We help you uncover Revenue
from your everyday Conversations

Fluincy connects you with the right partner for the right customer at the right time

Why Fluincy?

Give to Get.

Trust is the currency of ecosystems.

Trust is built by giving first.

What to give?


Great for Partners and Affiliates
3 to 1
Get to Give Ratio on Referrals
Great for Businesses
Closed/Won business from Referral

Organizations with Incredible Referral Programs

How It Works

Software Companies Will Pay For Your Referrals

"People are sleeping on referrals, affiliates, and partnerships. It's an incredible way to serve both buyer and seller and diversify your income."

-Scott Leese, Founder, The Untethered Blueprint

Fluincy helps you identify which partners to make referrals to from our curated database of the top referral programs.

Triggered by your conversations.

And directs you to their referral program page.


What steps are required to start making referrals?

Do you find yourself without any partner enablement content? We can help with that too.

Get Fluincy

Whether you're an individual looking for a side hustle, an agency or channel partner looking to increase referral revenue or expand your ecosystem to the right partners, or a Software Company looking to increase referrals from your channel, we have a solution for you

Connect your Triggers

Choose from a variety of integrations. Connect your calendars, AI, account mapping, Slack and ecosystem tech stack to create a robust workflow

Start Referring

You will be notified when a partner is a good fit for a customer based on the trigger's you've setup. A link to your referral link is included in the notification for easy access to the right partner  at the right time. Fill out the referral, and when that business closes, you get paid.

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