We uncover Partner Referral Revenue
from everyday Conversations

Fluincy connects you with the right partner for the right customer at the right time

Why Fluincy?

Minimum Viable Enablement

Fluincy scales partner enablement.

The best partners are the ones that spend time sitting with sales teams at their partners listening to calls, explaining the right scenarios, and mentoring the sales team on their solution.

It's great, but it doesn't scale.

If your partner program is at an inflection point where you need to enable your partner teams at scale, Fluincy is your solution.

We help you be on every call at every partner suggesting your solution in the right context by providing partners with pointed, impactful information for them to take action, or Minimum Viable Enablement.

How It Works

Referrals Drive Revenue

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“This is one of those few tools that I've we've come across, and we get people coming to us with tools all the time as you can imagine. But, this is one of those tools that actually does add a ton of value for very little effort.”

-Seamus Ruiz-Earle, CEO Carabiner Group

Fluincy automatically identifies when your solution is a good fit for the conversations your partners are having.
And provides them with the next right step in your partner workflow.


How does this work?

We can help increase inbound referrals from your channel by helping you to be on every call your partners are making with their customers.

Identify the Keywords and Workflows

Start by identifying your partners and their keywords.

These are the words that would make your partners situp and say "that's what I solve!"

Next, decide what you want to do for each partner. Send them to a Slack channel? Fill out a Deal Reg form? You decide, we're flexible.

Connect your Calls

Your users connect their transcription or call recording software. Fluincy will analyze their customer calls to identify which partners are a good fit for their customers needs.

Start Referring

Finally, users will connect your messaging software and Fluincy will notify you when a partner is a good fit for a customer based on the keywords mentioned in the customer calls.

The message contains the link to the workflow you identified earlier for easy access to the right partner at the right time.


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