Fluincy is Uniting Partnerships and Sales to Drive Revenue

Fluincy enables partner selling by connecting sellers to relevant learning at the right time


Sales teams that include partners in their sales cycle get stunning results.

High-performing ecosystems drive on average 1.5 times the cost reduction and generate 2.1 times the incremental revenue growth. The key to high performing ecosystems are sales teams that know how to create solutions using their ecosystems

Larger deal sizes when partners are included
Faster sales cycles when partners are included

Will, hopefully, one day be used by the leading SaaS companies

How It Works

What is Trigger Based Learning?

Fluincy uses our unique platform to integrate with event based systems such as calendars or sales AI. The data from these integrations prompts users with opportunities to learn about their partnerships just in time to have a conversation with a customer. This allows the learning to fit right into already existing workflows, and provides just the right information to help a seller with a customer's buying journey.


What steps are required to build a Just-In-Time partner enablement program?

Do you find yourself without any partner enablement content? We can help with that too.

Get Fluincy

Our multi-tiered approach allows you to get just the right solution for your organization whether you're just getting started with partner enablement, or have an established team and robust content

Connect your Triggers

Choose from a variety of integrations. Connect your calendars, AI, account mapping, Slack and ecosystem tech stack to create a robust workflow for sales teams

Start Learning

Sellers will be notified when a partner is a match for an upcoming meeting. A link to your learning repository is included in the notification for easy access to the right partner information at the right time.

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