Building Learning Culture

Learning Culture is built using four critical components.

  1. Content
  2. Cohort
  3. Practice and Reflection
  4. ROI


Learning content is built to get the user to change their behavior, and is developed with trust as its primary intention.

Partner Professionals know that ecosystems help sell more faster and create less churn, which is great for sellers. But anytime you're trying to change behavior you inherently create friction. Introducing content seamlessly into their workflow when it matters to them, primarily at the point of sales opportunity, we can help them to change their behavior toward ecosystem selling. This is good for them, it’s good for the business, and it's good for our partners.


Content  isn’t enough.

Learning cohorts provide the opportunity to communicate their understanding and provide feedback and discuss struggles.

Cohorts are small groups of peers that are in community with one another with the sole purpose of reflection and feedback.

They get to try out partnership selling with a community of peers where they can be supported in failure and recognized in success.

Practice and Reflection

The combination timely content and a cohort program are the practical components of any good learning culture.

Practicing a new skill will inevitable lead to failure. From a leadership perspective, there must be a tolerance for failure when experimenting.

Start small. Have one co-hort. Build enablement content. Deliver it just-in-time and fit it into the already existing sales workflows, and then ask for feedback. Practice and Reflection in this atomic network should allow both the partner program and the sales team to iterate, and get better, and then demonstrate ROI.


ROI is always a struggle in partnerships

But, with the rise of innovations in partner tech and this model of Content, Cohort, Practice, and Reflection it is easier than ever to define partner attribution.

Building a learning culture in a company isn’t easy. It requires executive buy in and demonstrable ROI. But in difficulty is often opportunity. Building a learning culture through the ecosystem couldn’t be a better place to start.

Companies know they need partnerships. You have the opportunity to show them why.

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