Death of the One-Pager

Think about the last one-pager experience you had.  

Were you excited to open it up?

Can you even recall the product name?

What about a value proposition?

After reading it, could you articulate it in conversation?

I’d venture to guess, based on my own experience with one-pagers, that you’re not able to recall most of what might be important in a customer conversation.

If one-pagers are part of an Ecosystem Enablement strategy, then it's probably time to rethink the strategy.

The reason why one-pagers are such a fail is they are trying to communicate general information in an age where general audiences no longer exist. So content must be hyper-focused on specific audiences, or delivered in such a way so that the specific audience finds the content. Fluincy is designed to get the right information to the right audience with pinpoint accuracy.

For the longest time, the one-pager has been the keystone of partner enablement. In the new age of Ecosystem Enablement, the spray and pray one-pager will be a thing of the past. It’s time to move forward and leave our old methodologies, priorities, and delivery methods to a by gone era.

Ecosystem Enablement needs to be agile, highly focused, customer centric, and delivered just in time.

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