Learning Culture Shapes Culture

Learning culture is a prerequisite of learning outcomes

Investment in learning through highly effective and engaging content or training is moot without an underlying culture that values and supports learning.

This is especially true if you're asking folks to learn about their partners. Learning outcomes include merging the understanding of their products with the value of other companies. This is an entirely new way of thinking.

Learning culture shapes the norms and behaviors associated with learning and defines how learning aligns with a business's vision and values.

Humans are brilliant at learning what they need to know to effectively achieve their stated goals.

They will learn work arounds to unnecessary and complicated systems.

They will learn how to manage and engage vital relationships.

They will learn whatever it takes to reduce friction. In so many cases, this is minimum viable compliance around formal learning.

If a business does not have a palpable healthy learning culture, people will allow past learning experiences to dominate what learning means to them in their current work-place.

This culture is set from the highest levels of an organization.

Learning, growth, and experimentation should all be measurable goals, defined by leadership, and enforced with incentive. Without this, nearly all enablement efforts will be, at best, only utilized by a few, and at worst be a complete waste of time.

Learning must be a definable metric in an organization centered on ecosystem. Setting this as the standard will help next generation sales organizations to think differently as a matter of culture.

Originally published for PartnerHacker

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